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Month: December 2016

Looking Back at 2016

Posted in Family, and Thoughts

It’s always fun to look back at what took place during the year. There were both ups and downs, but I like the remember all of the blessings we encountered along the way. It should be interesting to see what the new year of 2017 has in store for us. January – Shoulder Surgery D’s shoulder surgery was quite the ordeal, but we made it through it. The military hospital really dropped the ball on quite a few things, but the shoulder was repaired which was the main concern. The road to recovery would be a painful, slow process, but…

Gluten Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Posted in Gluten Free

I’ll be the first to admit that cookies are a real weakness for me. The store bought cookies aren’t as tempting, but cookies fresh from the oven… Those cookies can’t be beat. Lately, I’ve been craving some of my gluten free oatmeal raisin cookies, but it’s been so busy around here that I’m just now getting around to baking them. I had originally planned on baking a batch of the cookies for my family and another batch or two for the Marines as a Christmas gift, but I that didn’t happen. Instead, at the last minute, I made 3 pans…

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

Cold weather. Snow covered mountains. More snow. It’s time to go explore the winter wonderland. Build a snowman? We’ll have to wait to see what the snow is like once we reach our destination. A picnic lunch has been packed. The dogs are settled in. It’s time to head on our way. Switchback roads. Snow everywhere. It’s going to be a fun day of exploration and hiking in the snow. The dogs get excited as they know what lies ahead. Sadly, the Big Bear Discovery Center was closed for the day as was the parking lot, so we had to…

Cougar Crest Trail Hiking in the Snow

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

I woke up to a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning. The windstorms had passed and left behind gorgeous weather. I look into the distance and see the snow-capped mountains. The snow-covered peaks of Big Bear were calling out to me. I finished up my outdoor chores and head in to let D know that it was time for a road trip to the mountains to do some hiking in the snow. Once D saw the mountains, he agreed that we needed to do a little hiking in the snowy mountains. We weren’t sure exactly what our destination would be once we…

Starting the Day with Crazy Faith Awakening Coffee

Posted in Reviews

Special thanks to Family Christian for providing a sample of the Crazy Faith Awakening Coffee. Mornings start early at our place. With winter approaching, I head out to feed the animals before the sun even thinks about making an appearance on the horizon. Today, clouds filled the sky blocking out the normal light from the stars and moon. The smell of moisture was in the air. It was the type of morning where you could feel the chill in your bones even if you were all bundled up. My day starts with feeding the animals and quickly switches to preparing…