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Month: October 2016

All Is Bright: A Devotional Journey to Color Your Way to Christmas

Posted in Christian Life, and Reviews

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This post contains affiliate links. I’ve enjoyed coloring from a young age and get a kick out of the fact that adult coloring books are now all the rage. When we were still in the homeschooling years, I often used coloring as a way to help my girl focus during a lesson. We would sit down and color together while watching an educational program. It was a fun, enjoyable way to relax. I’m glad that others are now learning how relaxing coloring really can be for people of all ages.…

Crazy Chicken Life: Chicken Escape

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Every morning, before the sun rises, I fill the chickens’ feed bin with fermented feed and let them out of their coop. Some come running out while others swoop out with a flap of their wings. A few chickens tend to follow me to the run door. The others go for the feed or start looking for bugs. Once the sun comes up, they get really active. Whether they’re getting excited about finding some bugs or they’re laying eggs and singing the egg laying song, they seem to always be making noise unless they are resting or sleeping. They get…

The Complete Jewish Study Bible

Posted in Christian Life, and Reviews

When sitting down to study scripture, it is important to understand the culture and customs during the time period when the Bible was originally written. As I read more in this Jewish Study Bible, I realize that my education in Jewish history and customs is lacking. I have studied some Jewish history and a minimal amount of Hebrew, but I’ve never really dug into it like I wanted. This study Bible is a nice starting point for those studies. While you can dive right into using the Bible, I found that I got more out of it by spending some…