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Exploring, Hiking, and Climbing

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1st Jeep trip out in the desert

First off-road trip in the desert with the Jeep. We had a little 4-wheel-drive problem, but D got it up and running. It’s always good to be prepared when you’re out in the desert exploring.

Just hanging out with my guy

My favorite part of exploring, hiking, and climbing? Hanging out with this guy. I treasure our time together.

Exploring boulder cave formations

The caves made by fallen boulders were really cool and provided a great reprieve from the hot sun.

Looking up at the sky from within the cave

Relaxing in the shade of the boulder caves

Exploring some of the boulder formations in Hall of Horrors

Hall of Horrors was a fun area to explore. It has some intense bouldering and climbing areas.

Exploring some of the cave formations in JT

We had a blast exploring all of the various boulder caves.

Just taking a little break on the rock ledge

I scrambled up onto this rock ledge to get out of the sun. So peaceful.

I was all about staying out of the hot sun.

Taking a break in another boulder cave. 😉

Doing some climbing at Mel's Diner

Can’t wait to keep up with our outdoor adventures. Of course, I think I’ll enjoy it even more when we get past this summer heat. 🙂

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