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Month: April 2016

Birthday at Sea World

Posted in Family

When I asked Munchkin what she wanted to do for her birthday, she told me that she really wanted to go to an aquarium. After further discussion based on availability and options, she decided that Sea World sounded like a fun excursion. It meant getting up early, but she didn’t mind getting up early on her birthday for this. Since we knew that our day would start early and that we’d be gone all day, we decided to do the cake and presents a day early. It was more relaxing that way. Plus, our meal plans for the next day…

Our Chicken Adventure Begins

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

Much to my surprise and delight, D gave the go-ahead on bringing home some chickens. We’re using an old wood storage cabinet that we picked up for free as the brooder box. It’s a good size for our 6 chicks. Since we picked up the chicks at Tractor Supply, we’re not sure of the breed, but they are all supposed to be pullets. I guess we’ll find out if we really did get 6 girls as they grow up. 😉 I’ve been wanting chickens for a long time, so I’m excited about this new adventure. For now, the chicks are…

Slackline Fun

Posted in Family, Fitness, Outdoor Adventures, and Reviews

This post contains affiliate links. I purchased this slackline kit at a discount to provide feedback based upon my family’s experience with it. Do you remember when you were little and you tried to balance on anything and everything? Most kids start out balancing on things close to the ground and then work their way up to higher things. Munchkin loved trying to balance on a variety of things when we went for walks or to the park. As she got older, she liked to try to walk (with assistance) on rails and short fences. Balance beams at gymnastics were…

Jeep Life: 1st Mud Run

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

We’ve been enjoying rain on and off for the last few days around here. It’s been wonderful. The temps have been cooler, and we can always use the rain – especially when it’s a slow, steady rain rather than a downpour. On Friday, Daddy was rather eager to get out and do at least a little mudding as it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to play in the mud. Unfortunately, by the time he got home, I was already making dinner which meant I needed to stay home to finish it up. It was decided that it…

DIY Jeep Clutch Extension

Posted in Family, and In the Garage

Driving a manual transmission Jeep – especially an older style – can be interesting when you have shorter legs. For my Jeep, the clutch has to be pushed all the way to the floor for it to engage which is rather difficult for this 5’2” person with shorter legs. It’s even difficult for Munchkin who has longer legs. I could reach if I put a pillow behind my back, but even then, I had to use my tippy toe with a completely straight leg. I was also too close to the steering wheel for my comfort, and D certainly didn’t…