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Easter 2016

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Our girl all dressed up for Easter

Our baby girl is definitely growing up all too fast. I remember when she would wear a frilly, pink Easter dress with a matching straw hat for Easter. Times have changed, but not for the worst. It’s just different.

We’re grateful that even though Munchkin’s style in clothing has changed over the years that she’s always wanted to remain modest in her attire. I think she has a fun style all of her own which often means that finding clothing isn’t always easy. When you throw in her being super sensitive to how clothing feels (scratchy material and seams are a no-go), it can be a long process to find new clothing for the season.

Many of the old traditions have slipped away while we turn to new ways to spend time together as a family. Easter baskets and egg hunts have faded away. We do egg hunts now and again, but they’re usually not tied directly to Easter. Instead of filling up a basket on Easter morning, I tend to surprise her with a little something that she really wants/needs instead.

One thing that hasn’t changed is family pictures on Easter after morning church services.

Daddy and daughter goofy around

As is the norm around here, getting serious pictures of these two is rather difficult. They are always goofing around and pushing each other over. Lots of laughter takes place, and I may or may not get a good “normal” shot. lol!

I don’t mind as I love to see their special relationship in action. She loves her daddy, and her daddy adores her. It is important for a girl to know how much her daddy loves and cares for her. Munchkin knows what it is like to be treated with respect. She knows that her daddy values her opinions. He lifts her up. He knows how to balance being the serious father figure she needs while still having a blast with her. Yes, I’m very grateful that they have that special relationship.

It’s through her earthly father’s love that she gets to see a glimpse of her heavenly father’s love. When you’re a teenager faced with all kinds of decisions, it’s nice to have that real life example to hold on to when things get a little crazy.

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  1. What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing. It is very hard to find modest teenage clothes. My daughter is tall and skinny and she has a very hard time finding appropriate clothes that aren’t too short. I love that your husband is showing your daughter a glimpse of God, and also showing her an example of what to look for in a husband, in the future. You are blessed!

    March 31, 2016

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