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Month: February 2016

The Morning The Horses Disappeared

Posted in Family, and Homesteading

In the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning, I heard the thundering hoof beats of our horses. This isn’t abnormal, so I fell back to sleep as it wasn’t time to feed them yet. As the sun began to peak over the mountains painting the sky in shades of pink and orange, I crawled out of bed still tired from a less than restful night’s slumber. After feeding the dogs, I opened the door to let them out and was puzzled when I didn’t hear my normal morning greeting from the horses. I looked out, and they were nowhere to be…

Beautiful Word Bible

Posted in Christian Life, and Reviews

I received a review copy of this Bible from the publisher. This post contains affiliate links. Munchkin started attending a new youth group this past fall. One of her fellow college students recommended it to her, so we tried out the church (and youth group). It was a good fit for her, and the sermons were Biblical. We found ourselves with a new church home that was a better fit for our girl. There was one slight issue though – the youth pastor was using a different translation of the Bible for his teaching. If you’ve ever tried to follow…

Back to Work

Posted in Family

Morning. Crisp and clear. Hughes of yellow, orange, and purple. Emerging from the warmth and comfort of bed. Stretch and slide feet into soft, fuzzy slippers. The kettle is on the stove, and the dogs are munching on their food. Pjs. Carhartt jacket. Boots. Gloves. Time to feed the horses. Horses whinny. Coyotes howl and yip. Dogs bark and growl. Rooster crows. Birds sing. The moon fades into the morning light. The sun hides behind the mountain peaks. A new dawn. An old, yet new routine. Eggs sizzle in the pan. Coffee brews in the french press. Today, my husband…

The Lifegiving Home

Posted in Family, and Reviews

I received a review copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers. This post may contain affiliate links. My injury, D’s surgery, Munchkin starting college, and D continuing with his college work makes for a pretty crazy environment around here. Our regular routine was thrown out the window as we tried to find a new normal. It really highlighted the importance of creating a safe haven at home. We needed one place that we could relax and breath – a place where we could be ourselves and find comfort. During this season, some things around the home have been pushed…