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Introducing Marvel

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Marvel sitting on Munchkin's shoulder

As soon as Graham passed away, Munchkin started looking for a new guinea pig in our area. Guinea pigs are social animals, so she didn’t want Alvin to be along even though he was getting tons of extra attention and love from all of us.

Marvel and Alvin sitting on Munchkin.

After about 2 weeks, she found this sweet little guy and brought him home. After a great deal of consideration, she decided to call him Marvel. She was happy to have a new guinea pig before Christmas.

Alvin and Marvel cuddling with Munchkin

Alvin helped Marvel settle in and allowed him to eat a little extra share of veggies. Now that he’s settled in, Alvin is making sure that Marvel knows that he is the boss. lol!

Wiley and Alvin hanging out

Marvel is very active, so he tends to capture the attention of our other furry pets. Wiley and Alvin are friends (although Wiley needs to be carefully monitored to be on the safe side), but Wiley isn’t seeing Marvel as part of the family yet. Marvel is just too little and crazy. All that sudden movement is too much for Wiley. Wyatt seems to understand that Marvel is family as he often puts Wiley in his place. 😉

Sweet little Marvel

While no guinea pig could ever replace Graham, Marvel has been a welcome addition to the family, and he’s helping sooth some of the pain that goes with the loss of a dear pet.

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