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Graduation Open House

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Graduation Open House Meal Table

The graduation had passed, so it was time to celebrate with friends and family. Given that we’re gluten free, the entire celebration was, obviously, gluten free. I wanted things that I could, for the most part, make ahead of time, so I wouldn’t be as rushed on Saturday.

We started off our meal with lasagna, salads in a jar, and fruit salad. We kept the beverages simple with water and coffee/tea from the Keurig.

Graduation Open House Dessert Table

The dessert table featured the fossil sugar cookies, strawberry cheesecake, and the fossil cake. I also put some of the candy chocolate rocks in cups for people to munch on – if desired. The dessert table was also the display table for her diploma, graduation certificate, graduation program, graduation picture, and a couple of other pictures including her kindergarten graduation picture.

Graduation Open House Fossil Cake

I didn’t want to make a traditional sheet cake for Munchkin’s graduation, so, going along with her love of dinosaurs and paleontology, I made a dinosaur/fossil themed cake. It was a double layer cake with vanilla cake for the bottom layer and chocolate cake for the top layer. I made a homemade butter cream frosting. The dinosaur fossils were made using a T-Rex ice cube fossil mold and a Triceratops ice cube fossil mold (affiliate links) with white chocolate. The rocks are a variety of chocolate rocks from Kimmie Candy (affiliate link). The cake, which was actually eaten the following day since everyone was stuffed from all of the other food, was a hit.

Graduation Open House Fossil Cookies

I made the fossil sugar cookies by pressing a silicone stamp into the warm, freshly baked cookies. If you try to do the mold prior to baking, it doesn’t show up with these particular cookies. It might work with a firmer cookie like a flourless peanut butter cookie.

Class of 2015 Open House Collage

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