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Visiting Joshua Tree National Park: Keys View

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Our adventures with the family began on Monday when we headed over to Joshua Tree National Park. We decided that we’d check out Keys View during this particular trip. Of course, we made a few stops along the way to do a little exploration.

Cousins by Tree

The girls had fun climbing on both the rocks and trees which lead to plenty of photo opportunities.

Cousins in the Rocks

D had a blast leading the way. We had to periodically remind him that he had some littles that weren’t used to climbing and who didn’t have the right footware this time around. lol!

Cousins Just Relaxing

It was quite warm out, so we had to make sure we took regular breaks and stayed hydrated. Finding shade was always on our mind during these breaks.

Cousins Leaning on Tree

This tree reminded Ms. M of the time that we all went to the Grand Canyon, and she found a scorpion ring. She thought it was cool that there was a similar tree here in CA.

Cousins Relaxing by Tree

It was a perfect tree for climbing. Of course, a little more shade would have been nice. 😉


The girls (and D) were always on the look out for new rock formations to climb. Thankfully, we were able to find some good locations that allowed Grandma and Great Grandma to relax in the shade while they climbed.

Gma Gpa GGma Malia

Great Grandma couldn’t believe all the rocks and rock formations that were everywhere here.

Grandma looking at rock

She got in on the exploration as well. We just had to make sure the footing wasn’t too crazy and that we took things slow.

High in the Rocks

The girls, on the other hand, just wanted to climb, climb, climb.

Keys View

Thankfully, the path up to Keys View was paved, so we all were able to easily climb to the top and enjoy the stunning views.

Scenic View 1

We could see for miles and miles from the top.

Malia and Uncle Dan

These two were good buds during the climbs as he watched out for her. Since these climbs weren’t planned, the girls didn’t have the best shoes on for the climb. We decided that we would have to come back another day for more climbing with the proper shoes.

Malia on Boulder

Of course, not having climbing shoes didn’t slow the girls down. 🙂

Rini and Michelle at the Top

Having the girls going so high up made Grandma a little nervous.

Rini and Michelle in Cave

The caves in the rocks were a fun place to explore.

Rini holding Rock

There were several rocks that looked like they could fall over at any minute. It was fun to act like they could push them over or hold them up. It was a fun start to our vacation together.

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