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TaeKwonDo: Green Belt Testing

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Testing for TaeKwonDo Green Belt

Munchkin’s green belt testing was scheduled for the day before Easter which means that we ended up missing it. We had talked to her instructors earlier in the week to see her options, so we knew that she would be able to test in a couple of weeks if she didn’t make that testing. Originally, the retesting was set for Saturday, April 13th, but they bumped it up to Friday, April 12th. This actually worked out better for us due to Daddy helping with the instruction of a motorcycle course Friday and Saturday.

For this test, Munchkin needed to know and display her one-steps and form as well as break a board with a kick (side or round) above her waist. She was pretty solid on the one-steps and form, but she had not broken a board with a kick previously. This meant going into testing without that practice. She was a bundle of nerves, and honestly, that rubbed off on me as well. lol! When she broke that board on her first try, all the parents in the waiting room breathed a sigh of relief. It was rather funny. Then we started talking about how good the kick/break was. 😉

TaeKwonDo Testing for Green Belt Board Break

Munchkin was the only one testing, so she had the eyes of the entire class on her. We were very proud of how she handled herself. TaeKwonDo has been such a good thing for Munchkin, and I’m very grateful for her wonderful instructors.

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  1. Jen

    WTG!!!!!!!!!!! and Congratulations Munchkin 🙂

    April 21, 2013

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