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Month: February 2013

A Matter of Trust By Lis Wiehl, with April Henry

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A Matter of Trust Book Details: When life is murder, who can you trust? One minute Mia Quinn is in her basement, chatting on the phone with a colleague at the prosecutor’s office. The next minute there’s a gunshot over the line, and Mia listens in horror as her colleague and friend Colleen bleeds to death. Mia’s a natural for heading up the murder investigation, but these days she has all she can do to hold her life together. As a new widow with a pile of debts, a troubled teenaged son, and a four-year-old who wakes up screaming at…

Chemistry: Periodic Table of Elements Notebooking Pages

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Munchkin is currently working on the periodic table of elements in her Chemistry class, so I thought I would make up some notebooking pages to assist her in the learning process. This set includes: generic pages for each of the types of elements where she can fill in the element’s information labeling the atom discussing the element, atom, compound, and molecule a filled-in periodic table a blank periodic table history of the periodic table element information covered on the periodic table of elements 4 science experiment sheets (lined and unlined). The set includes 20 pages total. The Chemistry: Periodic Table…

Twisted Wolf by Perry Perrett

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Twisted Wolf Book Description: Army Lieutenant Josh Davis suffers a devastating tragedy while home on military leave. Trusting God for strength, he triumphs, earning the Congressional Medal of Honor. But heroism comes with consequences. Years later, a conservative group asks Josh to run for the Oval Office. To his surprise, to get there, he must campaign against his father-in-law, a former one-term President. Their political, and personal, embattlement ends with a surprising twist of fate. Discover what happens when Josh finds himself in the highest office in the nation. His pride increases, devours his faith and he gives into temptation.…

Roasted Fennel

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In this week’s organic Bountiful Baskets order, we received fennel. I’ve never actually cooked fennel, so I decided to go with a simple roasting preparation. Munchkin wasn’t overly fond of the texture, but she liked the flavor. For her, I would probably slice the fennel a little thinner which would help with the texture aspect that she didn’t enjoy. I served the fennel with a chicken breast seasoned with salt & pepper and then sauteed in a vidalia onion sauce. Roasted Fennel Recipe Ingredients: Fennel bulb sliced into at least 8 wedges salt pepper olive oil Parmesan cheese (grated or…

American Literature by James P. Stobaugh

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American Literature Curriculum Description: Enjoy beloved classics while developing vocabulary, reading, and critical thinking skills! A well-crafted presentation of whole-book or whole-work selections from the major genres of classic literature (prose, poetry, and drama), each course has 34 chapters representing 34 weeks of study, with an overview of narrative background material on the writers, their historical settings, and worldview. The rich curriculum’s content is infused with critical thinking skills, and an easy-to-use teacher’s guide outlines student objectives with each chapter, providing the answers to the assignments and weekly exercises. The final lesson of the week includes both the exam, covering…