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Month: July 2012

An Off-Leash Adventure

Posted in Family, and Outdoor Adventures

On Saturday afternoon, we headed out to do a little off-roading after Daddy did a little check in on some work matters. We hadn’t been out since the big rain, so it was fun to see the differences brought about by the storm. In the desert, rain means a transformation of the terrain due to flash flooding which redeposits the sandy soil, rocks, and vegetation all over the places. No matter how good they try to make the drainage near the paved roads, there is always some pretty solid destruction and places where the road is at least partially destroyed. Obviously, the dirt roads are even…

Economics for Everybody

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Economics for Everybody is a new series put out by Compass Cinema. You may be familiar with their Visual Latinseries. I know that series brought Latin to life for Munchkin, and she’s loved Latin ever since. Knowing this, I was excited when I saw that they were putting out an economics series. The teacher in this series is Dr. RC Sproul, Jr. who is a professor and lecturer at Ligonier Academy. His passion for Christ and economics shines through in each of his lessons. One of the unique aspects of this program is that it starts with God and his creation.…

Learning about the Golden Eagle

Posted in Homeschooling

When we were at the San Diego Safari Park, we had the opportunity to learn more about Golden Eagles thanks to this animal encounter. The golden eagle is the largest bird of prey in North America. It can dive at speeds of over 150 miles per hour when it spots a tasty morsel down below. They snatch up their prey with extremely sharp talons. This beautiful specimen was using that strong beak to untie herself from her handler. She was also making it known that she did not like the microphone. (The handler eventually had to set down the microphone…

The Birth of Desert Big Horn Sheep

Posted in Family, and Homeschooling

We’ve been fortunate to see several desert big horn sheep in the wild while we’ve lived here. Usually, we see only one or two, but a couple of times we’ve had the opportunity to see whole herds of them heading up into the rocking cliffs. Desert Big Horn Sheep are pretty interesting animals as they can survive on very little water which is important given the low level of rain fall that we receive each year. They get the vast majority of their moisture (hydration) from the vegetation that they eat. During the winter months, when it is cooler, they…

Presumed Dead by Barbara Derksen

Posted in Reviews

Presumed Dead Book Description: Andrea Wilton and Brian Strait, from Shuster Detective Agency, take on another case to find a missing person. This second book in the series introduces DJ Wiebe, a biker who rides with The Sons Riders, a Christian biker ministry. Another biker, a member of The Demons Raiders, is missing and presumed dead. DJ, his friend, hires Shuster Detective Agency to find him. He initiates Andrea and Brian into the biker culture, a world that encompasses motorcycles, leather, drugs and murder. About the Author: Author Barbara Ann Derksen served as a journalist for American newspapers for 8…