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Tissues, Toilet Paper, and Cardboard Tubes?

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Wyatt sticking out tongue

My dogs are a little crazy. In many households, one dog will have some crazy quirk, but it’s not shared by his canine companions. That is not the case at our house.

Our two pups share almost all of their crazy quirks. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they feed off each other’s quirks which ultimately makes it appear like they’re trying to out do each other. Did I mention they’re a little crazy? Today, they were fighting over a cardboard tube (you know from toilet paper or paper towels?). They kept snagging the tube from each other until the tube was no more. Now, I need to say that they don’t just rip up the tubes. Nope, they eat the tubes. Apparently, they need more ruffage? I don’t know.

Wiley eating cardboard tube

We have to put the tissues boxes where they can’t get to them because they’ll individually pull out tissue after tissue. They only pause in between tissues to eat them. If one of them grabs a tissue, the other has to try to get that tissue away from him. This often leads to chases around the house (or outside) and wrestling sessions. Like I said… crazy…

Toilet Paper? Normally, they’re just after the cardboard tubes, but they’ve been known to grab the end of the toilet paper and take off running – a trail of toilet paper streaming after them. Wyatt is usually the one who starts this as he likes to slip into the bathroom behind you when you’re not looking. Wiley’s a little too big to do that, and he’s not all that fond of following us into the bathroom. lol! Once Wyatt gets the toilet paper, Wiley is in on the game. If I snag it from Wyatt, Wiley will go behind me and snatch up a different portion of the toilet paper.  Unlike the tissues, they don’t seem intent on eating the toilet paper as much as playing with it. I have a suspicion that it’s all about getting that empty cardboard tube.

Wiley and Wyatt Playing

There is never a dull moment around our house when these two are involved. I feel like I have toddlers in the house because they have to be closely watched are they’ll get into way too much. If they’re separated (one upstairs, one downstairs), they’re not nearly as much trouble.  Together… well, they’re just crazy… entertaining… a handful… adorable… our dogs. Thankfully, we do get a reprieve from the craziness in the afternoon as they love their siestas. **grin**

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