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One Puppy, Two Puppies…

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Wyatt and Munchkin

I haven’t been blogging much these days because D has been home from work, and we’re going through lots of adjustments here on the homefront. As you recall, we adopted Wiley from the humane society the weekend before Christmas.  He’s been integrating into our family.  As with any changes, there have been ups and downs, but he is definitely 100% a member of the family.  He’s still learning to be comfortable with D in all areas of the house.  For whatever reason, he’s a little intimidated by D (height/size maybe?).  He loves playing with him and cuddling with him in certain areas of the house but not others.

Anyway, on Saturday, we headed over to pick up some supplies for Wiley, and the humane society was there…  After much discussion and deliberation, we came home with another puppy.  He’s an Akita mix, and we ended up naming him Wyatt.  He’s a cuddler and loves resting at D’s feet.  D has a huge heart when it comes to dogs, but this puppy has completely stolen his heart.  We have always had a soft spot for rescue dogs.

Yes, we’re a little crazy, but it’s not the first time that we’ve had more than one dog.  We actually did have a method and plan to the madness, and we’re seeing some positive results in Wiley with the additional adoption.  Yes, he’s had a few more accidents in the house as he’s adjusting to this little pup running about, but he’s also beginning to become more comfortable with D and join in on many family activities.  He’s definitely looking forward to when this little guy gets big enough to really play with him. lol!  (And yes, they were genuine accidents, not marking…  Remember, he is still going through house training as well.)

Needless to say, I currently have my hands full with training, puppy-proofing, and loads of cleaning.  We’ve also been enjoying the beautiful weather by spending lots of time outdoors.  It’s been nice to be able to be outside with the whole family including the furry family members.  Now that D is back to work, we’ll be adding homeschooling back into the mix.  So if I end up being a little more scarce than normal around here, I’m sure you’ll understand.


  1. Awwww, so cute!! I bet you are super busy with them. My first and only pet is our current dog. I remember when we got her at 8 weeks…I wasn’t quite prepared for all the work…lol!
    Christine recently posted..Teaching the Distracted ChildMy Profile

    January 3, 2012
  2. Oh I can hardly handle our almost 2 year old dog! Two… bless you!
    Kristal recently posted..366-3My Profile

    January 3, 2012

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