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Review: Principles of Marketing

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Principles of MarketingMunchkin was excited about the possibility of doing this review as she currently is thinking about her plans for the future.  When we received the dvd, I popped it into the computer and started printing out the lesson plans, learning objectives (by chapter), course syllabus, and key terms (by chapter).  (You can view these on the computer, but I wanted to have physical copies for Munchkin.)  I had Munchkin look over everything prior to starting the lessons, so she would have a better understanding of the class.

For the classes themselves, the student listens to a lecture accompanied with powerpoint presentations on the computer.  Munchkin found that she couldn’t retain the information enough this way, so I printed out the pdf form of the powerpoint slides which is included on the disc.  While I was downloading the files onto my computer (for easier use), I found that one of the files (Chapter 6) was corrupt, so I contacted the company.  They were wonderful and quickly sent out the file via email.

Having taken marketing classes in college, I was quite impressed with the format of this course.  The lecture with powerpoint presentations combined with the study of real life companies is a solid way to learn about marketing.  There are 19 chapters which are broken down into 28 lessons.  Each lesson has a lecture with powerpoint presentation which is 30 minutes.  Students will then review any online resources as well as the key concepts/terms prior to completing the chapter quiz.  In addition to the lesson quizzes, there are 3 exams.  The quizzes and exams on done on the computer and are automatically graded.  If desired, you can print out the quizzes and exams.

Principles of Marketing Papers

Unfortunately, the format of this course just did not click for Munchkin at this time.  I think she needs more practice with the concepts for it to really make sense to her.  Even after printing out the powerpoint slides and finding companies that would be more relevant to her for case studies, she continued to struggle with the format.  Because I do think this is a good course, we will be revisiting it at a later date to see if it clicks.

Principles of Marketing is geared towards high school and college level students.  It’s basically a college level marketing 101 course.  After taking this course, students could take the CLEP Marketing Exam.  Principles of Marketing is the sold by Professor in a Box which also publishes Principles of Accounting.  Principles of Marketing retails for $119.99 which is much cheaper than taking the class at a local college.

I received a copy of Principles of Marketing as a member of the TOS Crew to help facilitate the writing of a frank and honest review.  A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own.

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