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Basketball Award Ceremony

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Saturday was an up and down sort of day. We had to drop D off at the airport in the morning. Thankfully, he’ll only be gone for the week, but his absence always changes the overall feeling in our home. Munchkin was in tears as we walked back to the truck. She didn’t have much time to gather herself before we arrived at the base gym.

We had to go directly from the airport to the award ceremony for her base basketball league. The good news is that being around her teammates cheered her up. It didn’t matter that they were all eating pizza that she couldn’t have; she was just happy to have something take her mind off Daddy leaving.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of Munchkin receiving her award because I was the one calling out our team names and handing out the team pictures. I was not prepared to do this, so it was interesting. Then, they wanted me to be in the team picture. Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly planning on having a picture taken. lol! Oh well.

D received a bobble-head coach trophy as a thanks for coaching. The team also gave him a little something and a card. (Since he hasn’t seen it yet, I don’t want to give it away.) We already told him about the bobble-head as we were cracking up over it. **grin**

Munchkin is bummed that the season is over, but she’s also looking forward to a little more free time in the evenings and on the weekend.

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