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Awana Project: Dioramas

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Munchkin is really excited because she is moving on to her 3rd T&T Awana book! She completed her final sections on Wednesday night. We’re really proud of her hard work. More importantly, we are thrilled with all of the scripture that she has learned so far in Awana.

One of the projects that Munchkin needed to finish in order to complete her 2nd Awana book was to make 3 dioramas. I was able to locate some coloring pages online. I printed out 3 copies of the coloring pages and then cut out different layers. Once Munchkin colored all of the pieces, we used foam tape to make the images look 3 dimensional. Placing the images on a dark background and adding the scripture completed the inside of the dioramas. I took some clear plastic and covered the tops of the boxes.

We just added this in as part of our homeschool day.  It made a great art project as well as helping Munchkin solidify 3 more Bible stories in her memory.  Munchkin had to tell her Awana leaders the Bible stories that went with the dioramas when she presented them.  She’s very pleased with how they turned out.  Now that she knows how to make this type of diorama, she’ll be able to do more on her own the next time.

Here are the finished results (sorry for the glare):

Jesus and Nicodemus

Paul, Silas, and the Prison Guard

Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

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