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Sue Gregg Cookbooks Review

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Whole Foods Recipes For Healthy Home Cooking

I was very excited to learn that I would have the opportunity to test out one of Sue Gregg’s cookbooks. Knowing how much I love baking, An Introduction to Whole Grain Baking with Blender Batter Baking & The Two-Stage Process seemed like the perfect fit.

While waiting for the cookbook to arrive, we had delicious fun trying out the free recipes on the website. Sue encourages everyone to try out the recipes prior to ordering her cookbooks. She knows that the methods used in the cookbooks will not be for everyone. It’s not just about recipes; it’s about a healthly lifestyle.

We haven’t had any really good cornbread since going gluten free, so the first recipe we wanted to try was the cornbread recipe. I did need to use cornmeal instead of dried corn as I was unable to find dried corn. We used a combination of cornmeal and brown rice. My daughter thought it was funny that we were making the batter in the blender. We decided to go with the recommended 2 stage process for the recipe. I must admit that leaving something out overnight was a hard idea to get use to, but the results spoke for themselves. The recipe has been labeled as a keeper and has been added to our normal recipe rotation.

Since I had just received a gift of a belgium waffle maker, the next recipe on our list to try was the blender waffles. We decided to use a mixture of brown rice and oatmeal for this recipe. I did stage 1 of the waffles in the blender in the evening. The next morning, I just dropped a couple more ingredients into the blender and then started making the waffles. These waffles were delicious. I made extras to put in the freezer for D to use during the week. (He said they were great heated up in the toaster.)

When I received the cookbook, I was pleased to find not only recipes, but a great amount of information on the whys behind this method of cooking and eating. Sue uses sound nutritional information as well as scripture to back up this healthy lifestyle. She encourages the whole family to be involved in the process of changing your eating habits one recipe at a time.

I didn’t want to put the cookbook down. I jumped right into trying out more recipes. I had bananas just calling to be made into the blender batter banana muffins. I started stage 1 in the 2 stage process for the muffins. I then decided that I wanted to try the crepes as well. I use to make crepes, but that was another thing that I haven’t made since going gluten free. So, I started stage 1 of the 2 stage process for the crepes as well. Poor D came downstairs the next morning and didn’t know what was going on. There were all kinds of things soaking overnight on the counter.

The crepes turned out wonderfully as did the muffins. I know that the 2 stage process is a healthier way to eat, but it’s also an easier way to make breakfast. Most of the prep work is done the night before. Plus, with the blender batters, there is very little clean up!

Sue offers 10 recipes to try out on her website. In addition, you can order a free sampler by filling out a lifestyle inventory.

An Introduction to Whole Grain Baking with Blender Batter Baking & The Two-Stage Process is available to purchase for $23.00. It includes a powerpoint cd with cooking lessons. Sue also offers the following products:

  • Main Dishes Cookbook
  • Meals in Minutes Cookbook
  • Soups & Muffins Cookbook
  • Lunches & Snacks Cookbook
  • Breakfasts Cookbook
  • Desserts Cookbook
  • Specialty Items
  • Teaching Packages

Sue Gregg makes eating healthy with whole foods easy by tackling “one recipe at a time”.

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