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Why Devildogwife?

Posted in Military Life


Several people have questioned why I would use the Devil in my name. I have to giggle a bit as I can see how it might be misconstrued for those outside the military.

Here’s a brief history from Wikipedia encyclopedia. “During the course of World War I the Marines took over a village just northwest of Chateau-Thierry, France, Belleau Wood. The courtyard contained decorations of devildogs and was eventually utilized as the area headquarters. In the course of a three week battle, the Marines lost control and quickly regained the village from the Germans. As a result of the fierce fighting to recover the village with the devildog fountain, the Germans gave the Marines the nickname Teufel Hunden.”

So, one of the Marine’s common nicknames to this day is devildog. I’m married to a Marine — thus the name, devildogwife.  We’ve expanded that to include devildogfamily since we’re a Marine family.

Hope that clears up some confusion. 🙂


  1. Cooks on the Coast
    Cooks on the Coast

    Being a devil dog wife myself, it never occurred to me that anyone would find that strange. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    March 7, 2007
  2. Sallie

    ooh Rah.. Semper Fi! I love the name!!

    April 28, 2007
  3. Homelife

    Oooowaaah Marines! I love your blog! beautifully designed! Im married to a soldier too. I would love to read your stories here.

    December 12, 2007
  4. DevilDog

    Semper Fidelis and may GOD protect you and your Marine.

    January 18, 2008
  5. Michelle122161

    WooHoo!! So Proud of our military and their families.
    Esp. the Marines & Army.
    Why? I have a niece who graduated from West Point and served in Iraq for much of the 5yrs she gave back. Her brother has just recently graduated from West Point a should be finishing up Basic Training (in Kansas) soon. Another nephew is a Marine. I think he retires in 5 yrs. He is a helicopter pilot for the President.
    A BIG thank you 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I was wondering what devildogwife meant.
    Now I know an insight, thanks.

    September 22, 2008
  6. "Miss" Anita
    "Miss" Anita

    I'm an Army brat, but I didn't know what a "devildog" was until reading this. Thanks for letting us "naive" ones know! 😉

    October 12, 2009
  7. Aunt Amelia's Attic
    Aunt Amelia's Attic

    I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And no need to clear up any "confusion," for me.

    Aunt Amelia

    October 18, 2009
  8. Rachael-TooTutuCuteMommy

    Great to find another Corps wife blogging! My husband visited Belleu Wood last Memorial Day so we have a picture of hime with that fountain!

    January 3, 2010
  9. eph2810

    Very cool 🙂 – Thank you for sharing this.

    January 8, 2010

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