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Back to Work

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D headed “back to work” this week. He said goodbye to Henderson Hall and headed down to EWS at Quantico. It’s nice to have D’s commute time cut way down. He’s also, for the most part, going to be home earlier in the day. At the same time, he’ll be doing a lot of studying which will take some getting use to. Munchkin is having a hard time adjusting to Daddy being home, but having to do work. We may need to adjust our schedules a little to keep her busy in the late afternoon/evening while he’s studying….

We’ve been experiencing quite the heat wave here, so our main agenda has been keeping cool. It hasn’t been easy.

On Monday, Munchkin and I went blackberry picking at a local farm. This was her first time picking blackberries. We had fun even though it was quite warm. I decided that I wanted to make some blackberry jam, so I also had a first time experience. Munchkin and I made blackberry freezer jam. It turned out pretty well. We’ve decided that we’d like to try some other fruits as well. Our next task will be trying to make our own fruit leather (or fruit roll-ups as D likes them to be called). Someone gave us a food dehydrator, so we plan on trying that this coming week with some fresh peaches.

This week should be a slow week for us. I’ll try to get some new pictures posted this week.

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